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Metal working processes that are generally carried out with machine tools or multi-tool machining centers.

Ceramic Machining

Service Detail from Insaco, Inc.

Ceramic Machining-Image

For over 55 years, Insaco has been synonymous with excellence in the development and production of high precision machined parts made from Ceramics and other hard materials.

Materials we machine include: *Alumina 94% *Alumina 99.5% *Alumina 99.9% *Zirconia Toughened *Alumina *Sapphire (single crystal) *Alpha Alumina Oxide *AluminumNitride *Sialon *Silicon Nitride *Boron Carbide (B4C) *Silicon Carbide *Silicon Carbide (SiC) *Silicon Carbide - CVD (SiC)® *Tungsten Carbide *Cordierite (2MgO-2AI2O35SiO2) *Stealite (MgO-SiO2) *Silicon (Si) *Titanium Diboride (TiB2)

*Corning Pyrex® 7740 *Corning Glass ULE® *Fused Quartz / Fused Silica (synthetic) *ZERODUR® (Schott Glass) *MACOR® (Corning Glass) *Cubic Zirconia (ZrO2) *Zirconia Toughened Alumina *Alumina Zirconia PSZ *Zirconia TZP

........ and many more.

If you don't see the specific hard material you're interested in, or you are not sure what material to use, please contact us - chances are we've worked with your material or a similar application.

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