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Metal working processes that are generally carried out with machine tools or multi-tool machining centers.

Micro Machining of ultra hard materials

Service Detail from Insaco, Inc.

Micro Machining of ultra hard materials-Image

As a custom fabricator of ceramic, glass, sapphire, and other hard materials, we specialize in machining parts that often require tolerances measured in millionths of an inch, and wear properties that satisfy even the most demanding applications.

The nature of diamond grinding on ultra hard materials translates into tight tolerances being routinely achieved. The actual limits to the attained precision depend on variables like the machine tool used, the general shape and size of the part, and the sequence of operations needed to complete the task. Although our shop standard for machining is +/-0.004", we generally halve this on the first pass of operations.

Secondary operations can further narrow this to +/-0.0001". Our flat lapping operations can best be recorded in millionths of an inch. We welcome discussions about desired tolerances and often provide constructive advice regarding practical limitations and cost considerations.

Insaco is typically capable of generating tightly toleranced features to .001", or even .0001", and in some cases even tighter. However, since our work is done by diamond grinding, we do have to have a means to fixture the piece, also to clean and handle. So extremely tiny pieces pose special constraints

Insaco's range of highly specialized equipment allows us to produce your components with accuracy and efficiency.

We welcome your inquiries, just e mail us via the link on the right to discuss your needs

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