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Nearly every industrial application is different. Whether the access port is small or large, in line or offset, straight or curved, or the atmosphere ambient or extremely hostile, each application requires special attention. Beyond operating conditions, there are always performance considerations: inspectors need to deal with detail resolution and observers care about wide area coverage. ITI's recognition of these differences has made their company the leader in remote viewing technology. For over 30 years, they have been developing instruments and systems designed for the diverse needs of their customers. They have tackled the most hostile environments including: Radiation Gaseous Explosive Biological Underwater/Submerged High & Low Temperature High Pressure Vacuum They have provided equipment that enables the most superior resolution, and they have successfully addressed the challenge of wide area observation. Review their Technical Data Bulletins to see a range of problems that they have already solved. Often their customers require non-standard instruments to suit their specific needs. ITI Design Engineers are ready to accommodate these needs by either: modification of existing product or new design.

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