Product Announcement from Instrument Technology, Inc.

Series 127000 Fiberscopes-Image


Series 127000 Fiberscopes are not only the best looking but our dedication to quality insures that they are also:

  • The best packaged industrial fiberscopes
  • The best in adaptability
  • The best in overall optical performance
  • The best in reliability

ProTecht® over-torque design significantly reduces costly accidental cable damage within the fiberscope that occurs when:

  • The operator tries to articulate the tip when the tip is constrained
  • The operator tries to withdraw the fiberscope from an access hole before the tip has been straightened

Unparalleled Articulation Performance
ITI's patented articulation control results in smooth scanning with immediate, positive response: only ITI fiberscopes allow the operator to rotate the articulation control knob to a specific position, release the knob, and have the tip remain in position reducing both operator and instrument fatigue.

Viewing Heads
Choice of Viewing Heads
3, 4 & 5mm diameter Fiberscopes
Interchangeable Viewing Heads to provide either Forward (F) or Right Angle (RA) Line-of-Sight.

6, 8 & 12mm diameter Fiberscopes
Eight (8) Interchangeable Viewing Heads to provide four (4) different Fields-of-View (FOV) in either Forward (F) or Right Angle (RA) Line-of-Sight.

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