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Tiny , Powerful and Rugged PC Board Model SBC-A016

Product Announcement from Interface Corporation

Tiny , Powerful and Rugged PC Board Model SBC-A016-Image

§ Dual Displays

・ DVI-D interface

・ LVDS interface

§ Multiple Interfaces

・ Five USB 2.0

・ One USB client port for SSD

・ Two Gigabit LAN ports

・ Two RS-232 ports

§ Small Form Factor with Rugged Design

・ Highly efficient heat dissipation with a unique fanless design

・ Ultra compact form factor for trouble-free site installation

・ 5 G anti-vibration and 100 G anti-shock for reliable operation for moving objects

§ Wide Range DC Input

・ +7 V to +27 V continuous operation suitable for vehicles with fluctuating DC power source

§ Low Power Consumption

・ Less than 11 W power consumption for cost-effective industrial applications

§ Memory

・ Full 1 GB Memory

・ Memory/SSD soldered directly on the board reduces power consumption

§ Operating Systems

・ Windows Embedded Standard 2009

・ Interface Linux System

§ No Moving Parts

・ Makes for a quiet operation

・ Unexpected power shutdown are not a problem

§ External Storage Device

・ SSD 4 GB