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Mono Crystalline CaF2 crystal Blank

Product Announcement from Intrinsic Crystal Technology Co., Ltd. (ICC)

Mono Crystalline CaF2 crystal Blank-Image

Calcium Fluoride (CaF2),

  • operation wavelength 0.19-9.0um(T>90%@0.3-0.7um, 3.0mmthk)
  • Orientation:<111>, <100>,
  • Application wave: VUV, UV, IR grade
  • Mono crystal: less than 220mm
  • Poly crystal: less than 280mm


  • Tolerance: +0.05/-0.05
  • Bevel: none or less than 0.35mm
  • Chip: less than 0.35mm
  • Rob length: less than 200.0mm

Standard Rod size

  • D18/28/33/40/47/53/55/57/60/65/67/73/
  • D80/83/87/100/105/125/138/145/155/170/180

Shape and Application:

  • Raw rod
  • Round blank
  • Square blank
  • optical lens, windows, prism, mirror
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