Precision Low Friction Coefficient Ballscrews

Product Announcement from Jena-Tec, Inc.

Precision Low Friction Coefficient Ballscrews-Image

Due to the design and materials used, Jena-Tec's precision ground and rolled XLF™ ballscrews have also reduced the preload in the ball nut while retaining rigidity.

Ball Screw life, and wear accuracy have been significantly improved and the ball screw is also extremely quiet compared with traditional designs. Another benefit is thermal stability of the assembly due to the reduced preload, improved rigidity and low coefficient of friction, producing a ball screw with extraordinarily low levels of heat generation.

These improvements have been achieved using hybrid materials and changes in the design of the raceway profile in the ball screw and the ball nut, the changes are not noticeable to the eye with the exception of the blue/gray appearance of the ball screw, and the reduced preload and super smooth run can be felt when the ball nut is turned by hand.

Clearly these benefits are not restricted to the machine tool industry; any applications where high accuracy, extended life and low levels of noise are required would benefit from the advantages the XLF™ range ball screws offer.

Jena-Tec welcomes requests for both custom engineered and standard ball screws.

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