Product Announcement from Jergens, Inc.


Jergens, Inc. has announced a line of production vises. The vises are intended to provide quick change fixturing solutions two ways: jaw changeovers take less than a minute, and the BallLock® Mounting System built in the vise's base permits one minute changeover of vises. The vise's base also features an interlocking "jigsaw" pattern which permits multiple vises to closely nest together, maximizing workpiece density on a fixture. By combining these features, the Jergens production vise provides a quick change replacement to conventional dedicated fixtures as well as to old-style vises. The vises have many other advanced features to help speed production: all jaws are fully machinable and reversible, providing more flexibility for each jaw set; hardened and ground steel rails for accuracy and repeatability; flow-through base lets chips and fluids escape; and a fully sealed lead screw assembly to reduce maintenance.

Jergens BallLock® Base Production Vises are available with 4" and 6" jaw widths, to provide a workholding solution for any vertical machining center. BallLock® bases are also available on Jergens production vise columns for horizontal machining centers.