Spring Locating Pins

Product Announcement from Jergens, Inc.

The Jergens Spring Locating Pins are designed for fixturing small parts in tight or compact space. Ideal for positioning and chucking flat parts and round parts and for profile clamping.


  • Material: Body, aluminum shell
  • Pin, steel, plastic, or stainless steel
  • Spring, steel or with elastomer
  • Finish: Steel Pin, case hardened, zinc coated Plastic Pin, delrin white
  • Economical
  • Easy to handle and mount
  • Ideal for positioning flat or round pieces
  • Maintains constant pressure on parts
  • Minimizes fixturing space

Note: For applications involving any fluid or liquid, use the Spring Locating Pins with Seals. (Only sealed pins have a coil style spring) All other applications may use the Pins without Seals. Non-Sealed Locating Pins have a solid elastomere plastic, colored body with a chromate aluminum case.