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UV LED Lamp: Neolectron-2

Product Announcement from Johnson and Allen, Ltd.

UV LED Lamp: Neolectron-2-Image

The Neolectron-2 is a battery operated 12V 365nm wavelength LED inspection lamp - Suitable for MPI.

Following in the footsteps of our now discontinued Neolectron, the Neolectron-2 offers even more than the first iteration. 

Features include:

  • 3 hours running time on 1 battery pack. (2 supplied)
  • Output over 3000 micro watts per cm sq at 400mm. (with less than 5 lux white light)
  • Over 150mm in beam-spread.
  • Guarantees high levels of safety by consuming only 12 Volts.
  • More environmentally friendly than older 100 Watt Mercury vapour lamps and will pay for itself in energy savings alone.

Supplied in a durable carry case with fitted foam inserts, the Neolectron-2 outperforms 100 Watt Mercury vapour bulbs in both UV output and in bulb life; Typically lasting 15,000 hours.

Two batteries are supplied as standard but more can be purchased separately if needed.

The Neolectron-2 also features a "fuel "gauge" so operators can determine the usage time remaining in the batteries and an alarm to notify operators when UV output has dropped.


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