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Laser Welding from Joining Technologies.

Joining Technologies performs ultra-high precision welding for demanding applications using the most modern laser equipment available today. Our experienced laser welding engineers have the knowledge and skills to create the most critical surgical instruments, sensor assemblies and other precision devices. Employing the latest in motion control and high-speed beam scanning, we're able to produce precision welds at incredible speeds that simply aren't possible with conventional welding systems.

Achieve welds comparable to electron beam welding without the costly cycle times

Joining Technologies is considered the thought leader in both EB and laser welding and has the qualified engineering resources in house to support that claim. The company takes full advantage of each technology's particular advantages when fusing together complex geometries and meeting demands for superior metallurgy. "Joining Technologies is one of the very few firms fully competent in both technologies, giving customers access to the optimal choice for precision welding," said company president Dave Hudson. "Our capabilities give our customers the best of both worlds. By expanding our capacity for both EB and laser within the same facility, we offer our customers a comprehensive and unbiased approach to joining." Having access to both technologies can be especially useful for jobs that require a vacuum within the finished part. Generally a laser will be used wherever possible to keep cycle times and costs down while EB is employed to achieve the deeper penetration welds or to create a vacuum.

Quality is our cornerstone

Joining Technologies' Quality Management System is modeled & certified in accordance with the ISO 9001, 2008 and AS9100 international quality management standards and ANAB Accredited.

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Joining Technologies impressive joining capabilities include: (use the links below for additional information and descriptions)

About Joining Technologies

Headquartered in East Granby, CT, Joining Technologies is an innovator in precision fusion processes, including laser and electron beam welding, laser additive manufacturing, and weld system design and integration. The company's extraordinary engineering talent continues to develop economical solutions for joining metal components primarily in the medical device, sensors, aerospace, military, energy, and firearms industries. Joining Technologies has created a corporate culture that rewards innovation and teamwork, and continues to invest in infrastructure, making it the most highly evolved and reliable operation of its kind.

For more information, call 1.800.266.1966, email sales@joiningtech.com or visit www.joiningtech.com.