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Research & Development - Joining Technologies-Image Joining Technologies is a recognized resource for development of breakthrough welding and cladding processes. We partner with leading national and international laboratories and universities to share information and harness knowledge in our rapidly advancing field. Our handpicked talent has developed new technologies and processes that have helped us solve metal joining challenges that were previously thought to be impossible. Joining Technologies has the advantage of expert in house knowledge in material sciences, tooling and robotics. Our latest developments for laser cladding and surface engineering have secured our place at the forefront of the metals joining industry.

Joining Technologies launches INFINITE WEB™ 355 - 200W Laser cutting & welding system for splicing strip alloys. Avoid the risk of costly downtime due to re-threading!! watch video

JTRC- A Collaborative Research Center

Joining Technologies in partnership with Fraunhofer ILT of Aachen, Germany now offer a range of research and application services ranging from feasibility studies via process development, validation and certification, and via systems engineering and system integration towards a final industrial implementation on the customer's site.


Joining Technologies earned a prestigious platinum award from the Connecticut Breakthrough Quality Awards for Infinite Web™, the first known automatic laser splicing system designed for high quality welding of steel and stainless steel strips end to end to generate long spools.

News - Joining Technologies of East Granby, CT, Honors Engineer/Employee Scott Boynton with Thomas A. Edison Award for Technology Innovation.go to press release

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JOINING TECHNOLOGIES is recognized as an innovator in laser welding and cladding applications, delivering absolute reliability through innovation and team. Our advanced laser cladding and welding technologies provide dependable, cost-effective solutions that dramatically impact our customers' businesses. Our top-notch expertise, exclusive technologies and high performance culture provide the foundation for long lasting partnerships with our customers. JOINING TECHNOLOGIES is most often called upon when the challenge is significant and the risk is high.

Quality is our cornerstone:

Joining Technologies' Quality Management System is modeled & certified in accordance with the ISO 9001, 2008 and AS9100 international quality management standards and ANAB Accredited.

Joining Technologies impressive joining capabilities include: (use the links below for additional information and descriptions)