DC Controls, NEMA-4X

Product Announcement from KB Electronics, Inc.

DC Controls, NEMA-4X-Image

KB offers 10 models of Penta Power DC NEMA-4X/IP65 Drives that are the Flagship products of our DC Drives. They are supplied in a rugged, indoor/outdoor wash-down; die-cast aluminum enclosure designed for PMDC and Shunt Wound motors. All models have dual 115/208-230 VAC Input at 50/60 Hz. DC Motor voltages are jumper selectable 90/180 VDC. Horsepower ranges vary from ΒΌ to 3.0HP depending on model and are jumper selectable. In addition, a variety of optional DC Drive Accessories are also available to meet the most demanding applications.

KB Penta Power DC NEMA-4/IP65 Drives are available through over 800 distributors worldwide. Please use our Distributor Search (located on KB's website) to find a supplier near you.

Are you an OEM in need of a custom solution? Would you like your DC NEMA-4/IP65 Drive programmed at the factory and ready to go out of the box? With our KB Kustom program, we can build "The Right Control for your Application."