EVER-GUARD® All Metal Laser Barriers

Product Announcement from KENTEK Corporation

EVER-GUARD® All Metal Laser Barriers-Image

Simply THE BEST in laser protection. All metal construction, special surface treatments to diffuse laser energy, ready to use right out of the box. Kentek's Ever-Guard® portable barriers provide up to 1200 W/cm2 of laser protection.

  • "Daisy-chain" together an unlimited number of barrier partitions.
  • Choose from standard 4-foot and 6-foot wide panels . . . or specify your own design!
  • Full 360-degree hinging capability allows for virtually any layout.
  • Light-Blocker Hinges constructed of same material as barrier partitions are designed for complete coverage, durability, and neat appearance.
  • Heavy-duty hooded and locking rollers mounted on safety yellow cross-braces enable portability and security.
  • Black textured surface absorbs and diffuses laser beams - the ultimate protection for high or low risk areas.
  • Stock and custom sizes available
  • ANSI Z136 Rated in excess of 1200 watts/cm2 for 100 seconds.
  • EN12254:2010 D AB10 190-315, R AB4 190-315, D AB7 >315-1050, IR AB8 >315-1400, M AB7 >315-1400, D AB7 >1050-1400, D AB5 >1400-11100, R AB3 >1400-11100
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