EverGuard(r) All Metal Laser Barrier Curtains

Product Announcement from KENTEK Corporation

EverGuard(r) All Metal Laser Barrier Curtains-Image

All Metal Laser Safety Barrier Curtains Exclusively from Kentek.

EVER-GUARD® Curtains The EVER-GUARD® Laser Protective Curtain system is the most protective laser curtain commercially available. The all-metal, sliding curtain system is rated for 1200W/cm2 for at least 3 minutes!

Designed for high power laser applications and available in any width, heights up to 8 feet. This system works with our standard track system. Installation and use is very simple. A 25-foot length of curtain panels can be pushed aside with one hand and will "stack" to just 2 feet of storage space.

ANSI Z136 certified. CE Marked: EN12254:2010 D AB10 190-315, R AB4 190-315, D AB7 >315-1050, IR AB8 >315-1400, M AB7 >315-1400, D AB7 >1050-1400, D AB5 >1400-11100, R AB3 >1400-11100

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