Laser Safety Interlock System

Product Announcement from KENTEK Corporation

Laser Safety Interlock System-Image

Kentek's Entry Guard® sets a new standard for fail-safe access control systems. The Entry Guard® ensures that unauthorized personnel are prohibited from areas where laser radiation may be present. When power to the controller is interrupted, critical outputs, including magnetic door locks and laser interlocks, revert to a "safe" state: magnetic locks off, interlocks open.

Kentek's Entry Guard® Laser Safety Interlock Systems

  • All controls on a single panel
  • Complete Fail-Safe design
  • Low Voltage Operation (12VDC)
  • External accessories can be easily, and securely, integrated
  • Options available from Kentek include:
    • Single-Status Lighted Signs
    • Dual-Status Lighted Signs
    • Triple-Status Lighted Signs
    • Push Button Switches for Remote Start
    • Push Button Switches for Emergency Stop
    • Push Button Switches for Emergency Access
    • Push Button Switches for Enter or Exit
    • Keypads
    • Interlocks
    • Magnetic Locks
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