Rework and Plating Services

Product Announcement from KENTEK Corporation

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KENTEK can plate your new parts with gold or silver using our 42-step proprietary process which has proven to be optimum for both spectral reflectivity for desired wavelength bands and extremely durable for longevity of life.

  • Your damaged cavity reflector parts can be replated with the same process used for new OEM parts. Each part received is stripped, the base metal surface is inspected and surface re-machining is performed, if required. The part is then precision polished to a mirror surface and plated to "as new" condition.
  • Gold plating process can withstand in excess of 76.5 watts per square centimeter with no damage.
  • Silver base material is precision buffed to a "mirror surface." Silver plating gives optimum broadband reflectance.

Free quoting service - either supply a picture and include overall dimensions or send your parts directly to us for evaluation. Kentek has the knowledge to assemble and disassemble a wide variety of laser makes and models.

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