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Float Free Replacement Level Control-Image

Kadant Johnson introduced the float free level control Liqui-Mover pump in 1934. With the recent launch of the replacement float free level control assembly, major float operated pump brands can now be converted to a float free assembly providing a reliable and cost effective solution for high maintenance pressure powered pumps. The Kadant Johnson float free level control has no moving parts in contact with the condensate and no springs, linkage, or floats that are prone to wear and failure.

Designed to retrofit major float operated pump brands, the float free assembly features a drop-in, bolt-on mounting flange creating a fast and easy upgrade. The motive pressure 3-way valve is external to the tank for quick visual checking of the operation and easily repairable or replaceable when required. A 2-probe level control and a NEMA classified control assembly are also incorporated into the float free level control.

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