Box Bolt Expansion Anchor Bolts

Product Announcement from Kee Safety Inc.

Box Bolt Expansion Anchor Bolts -Image

Convenient Method for Securing Structural Tube

The BoxBolt is an expansion anchor for steel that can be used to make connections to structural tube sections. It is suitable for use with rectangular, square and circular sections, or other types of steelwork where access is restricted to one side only.

BoxBolt Features

  • Simple Connections to structural tube
  • Guaranteed Safe Working Loads
  • 5:1 Factor of Safety
  • Hot Dip Galvanized for corrosion protection
  • Available in zinc plate finish
  • Available in stainless steel
  • Large combined material clamping range
  • Special lengths available

Customer Service & Engineering

Kee Safety offers complete engineering services at no charge to provide extensive technical assistance and recommendations for individual problems and connection requirements. If you have an application that cannot be solved with the products shown.

Available Throughout North America and Worldwide

BoxBolt and other BeamClamp products are stocked throughout the USA and Canada. Please contact Kee Safety for your nearest distributor. BoxBolt is also available worldwide via Kee Safety offices in the UK, France, Germany and Dubai.