KeeLine Horizontal Lifeline System

Product Announcement from Kee Safety Inc.

KeeLine Horizontal Lifeline System-Image

Kee Safety, Inc., Buffalo, New York introduces its new KeeLine® horizontal lifeline system to provide workers fall protection at working heights during construction and maintenance or irregular tasks where collective fall protection, such as safety railings, is not feasible. Adaptable to different usage situations, KeeLine is designed to support up to three users over each span of up to nearly 50 feet through continuous attachment while traveling the system.

KeeLine conforms to OSHA 1915.159, 126.502M, ANSI Z359.1 2007 and AS/NZS 1891.2, and is CE Marked.

The new KeeLine system features in-line absorbers at the beginning and end of the system that eliminate the need for expensive "fall-over" style posts at every bracket position. 316 Stainless Steel wire connects to the absorbers via a tension indicator at the start of the system that shows when the system is correctly tensioned, and a swage assembly at the end of the system. Corner, intermediate, and extended intermediate brackets are used throughout the system to accommodate varying building layouts.

Upright posts connect the absorbers and brackets to the base plates, and the KeeLine Traveler enables the user to attach at any point on the system while passing corners and intermediates without detaching. A choice of base plates is available with the new KeeLine system, including the model MR base plate for metal profiled and standing seam roofs as well as FR base plates incorporating recessed holes for fixings to place on waterproofed flat membrane roofs. KeeLine can be used with the company's WIREANKA range of deadweight anchors where it is preferred not to penetrate the roof at all.

In addition, KeeLine for Structures includes corner, intermediate, extended intermediate, and extremity brackets for fixing directly to steel, concrete or stone buildings in horizontal or overhead applications.

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