DCX-16mm Small Depth Sensor & Barometric Sensor

Product Announcement from Keller America, Inc.

 DCX-16mm Small Depth Sensor & Barometric Sensor-Image

Keller America, Inc proudly offers the DCX-16 autonomous, battery-powered liquid level monitor and data logger. The 16-millimeter diameter makes it the smallest in its class. Used with our intuitive Windows-based software, the DCX-16 is the ideal solution for groundwater measurement and CSO monitoring applications.


The DCX-16 is an autonomous, battery powered instrument. It features a stainless steel 16 mm in diameter housing designed to record water depth (pressure) and temperature over long periods in applications where a more compact size is an advantage. Two versions are offered:

The sensor, electronics, and battery are housed in a sealed stainless steel tube, for submersible deployment. For data read-out the DCX-16 must be recovered from the measurement point. The O-ring sealed end cap is then removed to access the data port.

The DCX-16 works with an absolute pressure sensor. In shallow water depths where the influence of barometric pressure changes should be considered, it is recommended that a second data collector DCX-22 (Baro) is placed at the surface, to record the barometric pressure. The PC then calculates the differential pressure resp. the water depth by subtracting the two measured values.


The sensor is connected by waterproof cable to a surface mounted housing with the data readout port. This arrangement allows for easier data recovery from fixed installations. The DCX-16 SG/VG does not have to be removed from the dip pipe for data read out. The DCX-16 SG/VG is supplied with a 2" diameter fixing plate to enable mounting at the top of the dip pipe. The sensor can be sealed gauge SG, or vented gauge VG, the cable carries the vent tube for VG version sensors, vent port in the housing is protected by a breathable Gore-Tex® membrane.

The electronics employ the latest microprocessor technology, which give high accuracy and resolution for the pressure and temperature signals from both the depth sensor and the barometric sensor. The measured values are mathematically compensated for all linearity and temperature errors of the pressure sensors. The use of a non-volatile memory ensures high data security.

The interface housing is mounted at the top of the borehole to give easy access for data downloading, it is connected via a sealed cable to the electronic housing, which includes the electronic circuit and battery. Installation is quick and simple, using fixing devices in various sizes, suitable for cap lock units of different manufacturers and for well access points starting from 1" (caps starting at 2" include a hole to lower a dip meter). Thus enabling measuring stations to be set up at considerably lower costs compared to conventional systems.

The modular design offers the user the two options for collecting the data. Standard design requires the user to visit the location, connect via data-cable and download data. The optional GSM-1 unit allows the transmission of data, and instructions (re-programming) to the data-collector from/to a remote location. The data can be sent to any mobile phone as a short message (SMS).

Logger DCX 5

The Logger DCX 5 Software is delivered along with the interface cable K113A (RS232) or K114A (USB). The software is compatible with Windows (≥ Windows 95) and allows to configure and read out our KELLER data loggers (DCX and Leo Record).

The measuring values may be graphically displayed, exported, air pressure compensated or converted into other units. The Online-function shows the actual values of the instrument. The Logger includes the Reader and Writer.


The Writer enables the configuration and start of the Logger.

General functions:

– Online display of measuring channels

– Record status indication

– Editing of installation data

– Ring buffer or normal

– Readjustment of the zero

Recording parameter:

– Pressure- and temperature channels selectable

Start methods:

– Time start

– When exceeding or dropping below a certain pressure (or temperature)

– Measuring interval for starting conditions selectable

Recording methods:

– Interval (1s…99 days) and event-controlled recording

– Recording at pressure change

– Turn on or turn off at pressure threshold

– Averaging over selectable number of measurements

– Combination of fixed interval and event recording possible


The Reader allows the data to be read out into a file. The measured data, which can be

converted (exported) into various format, also contains the following information:

Serial number, measuring range, sensor name, installation data, read-out data, units,

measuring values with date and clock time, read-out date…

General functions:

– Reading of the recordings' directory with starting time and storage size in %

– Read-out of the individual recordings

– Graphical display of the dat

– Record status indication

– Conversion of the data into a text file for Excel import

– Miscellaneous calculations possible

Special calculations or an export of the data into customer specific databases are

possible (only on request).

Logger DCX 5 also includes the WindowsCE software for PDA's.


Pressure Ranges 10 mWC 20 mWC 50 mWC 100 mWC

DCX-16 PAA 0,8…2 0,8…3 0,8…6 0,8…11 bar abs.

DCX-16 SG PAA 0,8…2 0,8…3 0,8…6 0,8…11 bar abs.

DCX-16 VG PR 1 2 5 10 bar

Overpressure 2 x Pressure Range

PAA: Absolute. Zero at vacuum PR: Vented Gauge. Zero at atmospheric pressure (other ranges on request)

Supply Lithium-Battery 3,6 V (Type AAA)

Battery Life * 4 years @ 1 measurement/hour

Output RS 485 digital

Electrical Connection Fischer DEE 103A054

Pressure Sensor Specifications

Linearity typ. 0,02 %FS

Comp. Temperature Range -10…40 °C

Error Band ** typ. 0,05 %FS *** max. 0,1 %FS

Resolution max. 0,0025 %FS

Long Term Stability typ. 0,5 mbar

* exterior influences could reduce battery life ** Linearity + Temperature Error *** optional max. 0,05 %FS

Temperature Compensation -10…40 °C (others on request)

Temperature Measurement Accuracy typ. ±0,5 °C

Shortest Measuring Range 1x per second

Memory 57'000 measuring values @ storage

interval ≤ 15 s, otherwise 28'000 measuring

values (always with attributed time)

Material Stainless steel 316L (DIN 1.4435)

O-Ring: Viton®

Probe Weight ≈ 150 g (without cable)

Tolerance System Length ± 2 cm

Options Other pressure connections