Submersible Level Transmitters

Product Announcement from Keller America, Inc.

Submersible Level Transmitters-Image

Keller submersible level transmitters provide outstanding reliability, accuracy, and value. Several models include guaranteed lightning protection that carries a lifetime warranty against damage from electrical surge.

Keller level transmitters are known for their superior reliability, reasonable cost and ready availability. They feature small size and integral signal conditioning, simplifying installations anywhere liquid level sensors are needed. Most typically deployed as submersible water level sensors, Keller level transmitters are also available for use as tank level gauges.

They are frequently paired with a compatible display/control system for use as a general purpose water level indicator or as a water level controller.

The Keller Levelgage is typically chosen when a medium-accuracy and reliable yet cost-effective water level probe is needed, making it the ideal choice as a well level sensor or tank level gauge.

The Keller Acculevel provides extreme accuracy over a wide range of temperature with dual analog + digital outputs, making it a most versatile submersible hydrostatic level transmitter, ideal for use in environmental applications.

The Keller LevelRat, with its unobstructed Kynar sensing diaphragm, has no equal in the world of self cleaning pump station level sensors. Best of all, Keller level transducers provide the user with an infinite combination of level range, output and cable length, all with a standard delivery time of only 3 business days!

For more information on Keller's lineup of submersible level transmitters, or any other Keller product, please visit, email, or call 877-253-5537.