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1D/2D Code Reader - Smallest & Fastest in Class-Image

Industry's Highest Speed and Performance
The new Keyence SR-600 series Code Reader incorporates state of the art technology to provide a vision based reader capable of industry's highest speed, reliability and performance. Code applications moving as fast as 160m/min are now easily and accurately read with the advanced SR-600 optical design, high-intensity LED lighting and high-speed DSP decoding ability. Issues that are frequently encountered such as inconsistent printing, laser marked or dot peen marked parts are now easily resolved with powerful decoding software filters. These filters enable stable reading on difficult codes caused by low contrast, scratches, distortion, or reflections.

Live Monitoring, Testing and Function Changes
In addition, the ease of use of the Keyence SR-600 provides users with the option of programming directly on the reader with visible laser pointers or simply connecting to the reader using the free Keyence AutoID software. Via the software, an integrated USB port enables live monitoring, testing and function changes. With a simple click of the TUNE button the SR-600 automatically selects the appropriate combination of filters, shutter speed, aperture and lighting conditions to optimize the code image for error-free reading.

For applications that involve unreliable contrast, quality, position or setup changes, the SR-600 autonomously compensates by utilizing up to 16 unique parameter banks. Difficult calibration, lengthy setup times, troublesome maintenance or downtime due to re-calibration is a thing of the past with the Keyence SR-600.

The Keyence SR-600 has benefited customers worldwide in industries ranging from Automotive, Pharmaceutical and Food & Packaging to Semiconductor, Medical Devices and Lab Automation.

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