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Kilian Manufacturing helped a seating manufacturer for minivans devise a revolutionary bearing to work in a new, space-saving seating application, while adhering to strict, automotive industry quality standards.

A major seating manufacturer that supplies products to one of the world's best-selling minivans needed a unique bearing to fit into a folding seat assembly that allows the second and third-row seats to be folded flat into the floor in less than 30 seconds. The manufacturer's engineers realized early on that an off-the-shelf bearing would not work for such a custom application. In addition to requiring a special mechanism to attach the assembly to the seats, the bearing material needed to accommodate tremendous loads, high stress and excessive torque.

Kilian's 30 year history and technical resources allow us to do things other manufacturers simply can't. Our engineering expertise, high volume capability and quick response to prototype needs are just a few of tools we use to solve design problems for our clients. Kilian has a unique ability to deliver exactly what OEM's are looking for at a competitive price. With manufacturing experience in the automotive, industrial and aerospace industrie amongst others, put us to work on your next project.

To read the rest of our solution story and learn more about the design we provided to this seating manufacturer follow this link to the Kilian website.

Kilian offers a wide range of bearing design solutions. We also offer a selection of standard bearings or we can create a specific design to match your exact application needs.

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