Stylish self-service touchscreen kiosk

Product Announcement from KINGLEADER Technology Company

Stylish self-service touchscreen kiosk-Image

Kiosk with super-slim,surved,stylish and ADA compliant design;vandal-proof SAW touchscreen,TFT LCD display

Key Features

? High-sensitivity,high light-transmittance,anti-glare,vandal-proof SAW touchscreen

? 15″,17″,19″TFT LCD displays for option

? Durable steel enclosure,super-slim,curved,stylish and ADA compliant design

? Built-in hi-fi amplified speakers

? Customizable

? Applications: office building,court house,hospital/medical center,airport,university,

government building,shop,theater and other public places where information and/or

transaction are provided in self-service and interactive manner.


Technical Specifications

TFT LCD Display

- Resolution: 1024x768(15″)

1280x1024(17″and 19″)

- Brightness: 250~300 nits

- Contrast ratio: 450:1

- Response time:8 ms

Touch Screen

- Vandal-proof SAW touch screen

- Material: Heat tempered glass with thickness 6mm

- Resolution: 4096*4096

- Deviation of error: <2mm

- Light Transmittance: ≥ 92%

- Surface Hardness: 7 Mohs scale

- Lifetime:50,000,000 times at one single location

- Response time: less than 16 ms

- Touch activation force: 10~100g


- Durable steel enclosure (different colors for option)

- Built-in power control panel, and hi-fi speakers.

- Two cooling fans for computer board and main body separately

- RJ45/RJ11 interface

- Large access doors with tubular locks/keys

Mother Board

- Integrated display card/sound card/net card

- CPU: Intel Pentium dual core E3400,2.6 GHZ (upgradeable on request)

- RAM: 1GB (upgradeable on request)

- Hard Disc: 320GB (upgradeable on request)

- Internet functionality

Compatible Operation System


Working Voltage

AC 220V,50 Hz or 110V,60 Hz for option

Ambient Environment

- WorkingTemperature:-20?~65?;

-Relative Humidity: 30%~90%

- Storage Temperature:-40?~80?;

-Relative Humidity: 5%~95%


-143(height) x 48(width) x 26(depth) CMs

-Packing dimension: 150 x 60 x 46cm


Stainless steel keyboard,card reader/writer,barcode scanner,printer,video camera etc.