Signal Conversion w/o Recalibration

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The Task

A wide range of measuring signals need to be galvanically isolated and converted into standard signals.
This applies to any input signals in the range ±20 mV to ±200 V and from ±0.1 mA.

The Problem

The variety of tasks results in a large number of different devices.

The Solution

Calibrated switching of the input and output ranges using DIP switches allows the Knick VariTrans® P 27000 professional universal isolation amplifiers to be used without complicated recalibration. As switchover occurs without expensive and unreliable equipment, the devices can also be easily configured on site.
The broad-range power supply for all common supply voltages from 20 to 253 V AC/DC is unmatched for 12-mm isolators.

To make setting the required input and output ranges simple and user friendly, we supply a free software tool called VariSoft® to support the user. VariSoft® shows you the correct DIP switch position when you enter the required input and output ranges and has a print option for your documentation.
You can download VariSoft® free of charge from our website.

The Housing

At just 12.5 mm wide, the modular housing with pluggable screw terminals allows simple and fast assembly and prewiring of enclosures. Housings with fixed screw terminals are also available for extremely high mechanical loads.

The easy-to-open housing allows easy configuration of the input and output ranges and good protection against touch and unintended adjustment.

The Advantages

The analog transmission of the measuring signal with transformer isolation and the new digitally controlled range selection guarantee almost perfect signal transmission:

Gain error only 0.08 %
Excellent pulse formation
Extremely low residual ripple
Maximum long-term stability and reliability

The Technology

A microcontroller monitors the control element settings and controls the calibrated range selection. Interference to the signal transmission - for example, contact resistances in the range switches - is thus ruled out.

Thanks to the VariPower® power supply, the devices can be used all over the world with almost any power supply. The extremely low power consumption and the related minimal self-heating significantly increase the reliability. That is why we give a 5-year warranty.

Click this link for more information about Knick signal conversion devices. 

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