Isolation of sensors for input into ADC

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Isolation of sensors for input into ADC-Image

The transmission of analog measuring and control signals almost always requires electrical isolation of the signals being processed both for safety reasons and in order to achieve optimum signal quality.

Measurements at dangerously high voltages or in areas where there is an explosion hazard, different ground potentials, long distances, as well as high common-mode voltages do not allow direct connection of the measuring signals with other plant assemblies. In this case, it is absolutely essential to electrically isolate the transmitted signals.

Knick offers suitable potential isolating components in various designs to meet these requirements. Our range includes DIn Rail mount modular cases just 6 mm wide, solder-in PCB modules and Eurocards.
Depending on the model, the appropriate measuring signals are also amplified or converted to the standard values 10 V or 20 mA. Voltages of a few mV up to 3000 V and currents of a few µA up to 10 A can be transmitted or converted with a high level of accuracy.

Instrumentation and control systems are designed for a wide range of applications. Detection, Electrical Isolation and Safe Transmission of different analog voltage and current signals is often achieved by using isolation amplifiers which output standard signals that are proportional to the measured value (input). 480 calibrated measuring ranges and virtually unlimited step-less adjustments options for gain and offset, as well as a broad range power supply for supply voltages from 20 through 253 V AC/DC represent convincing evidence of the unique flexibility and skill of Knick Isolated signal conditioners.

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