Signal Quality Issues? Isolate, Filter and Amplify

Product Announcement from Knick USA

Signal Quality Issues? Isolate, Filter and Amplify-Image

BasicLine from Knick addresses the need for highly accurate signal processing via isolation circuit, but with a unique focus on the price point of these devices. BasicLine is affordable isolation!

BasicLine isolation amplifiers and transducers from this series cover a wide range of standard applications in the control cabinet, including current, voltage, or temperature measurement, standard signal conversion and doubling, signal isolation, and set-point monitoring. This comprehensive product range from a one-stop provider has a number of benefits for customers: consistent documentation of specifications and certifications, and a competent, reliable partner for all requirements involved in installation and operation. While BasicLine has an attractive price scheme, Knick makes absolutely no compromises regarding manufacturing quality, precision, and complete galvanic isolation of ports. All BasicLine models except those with a mains supply come in a compact, space-saving 6 mm DIN rail housing. All BasicLine devices have a three year warranty. They all have the CE marking and a UL certification.

Everyone wants less clutter: The new BasicLine includes all standard equipment in the control cabinet. As sophisticated as our world renowned high-end products, but much more affordable. BasicLine is ideal for electrical equipment suppliers, engineering firms and many other industries where simply good is simply good enough.

Knick sets global standards: For more than 50 years Knick has manufactured electronic measuring equipment of the highest quality. Whether for electrical isolation, analytical instruments or loop-powered digital indicators, Knick is the market leader in specialized measuring and control equipment. And now, with the affordable BasicLine, we’re setting a new standard for isolation amplifiers.

View the new BasicLine family of products here:

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