Current and Voltage Data Logger

Product Announcement from Kyoritsu Electrical Instruments Works, Ltd.

Current and Voltage Data Logger-Image

KEW 5020: 3 Channel Data Logger for Multiple Parameter Recording3 channel inputs for the simultaneous recording of Leakage Current, Load Current and Voltage

• Power Quality analysis. Power Quality: Reference voltage, Swell, Dip, Short power Interruptions.

Large Capacity for storing 60,000 data points

60,000 data points can be recorded when 1ch is used, and when all the three channels are used, 20,000 data points per channel can be recorded

Lowpass Filter will filter out the harmonics
(Cutoff Frequency = Approx. 160Hz)

LED flickers when the preset current / voltage value is exceeded

CALL: Confirmation of recorded data

• The following can be displayed: number of recorded data points, (max+ min+ peak) value for each channel complete with time/date information in the Normal recording mode. (Detected values (i.e. when values are outside preset limits ) can be displayed in other recording modes)

• RECALL: The last 10 recorded data points including time/date can be recalled on the logger display