Standard Field Service Digital Multimeters

Product Announcement from Kyoritsu Electrical Instruments Works, Ltd.

Standard Field Service Digital Multimeters -Image
  • Everyday multimeters for technicians, the Kewmates are designed for electrical and electronic testing in field service and all applications where extra features, such as AC/DC current measurements up to 60/100/120A, simplifies working.
  • Ideal for electrical and electronic troubleshooting in residential, commercial and industrial installations.
  • Thanks to the open clamp sensor, Kewmates are perfect for reading currents in tight spaces where a normal clampmeter would be unsafe or too big to use such as sub-distribution boards, consumer units, final circuits, connectionboxes, control panels or simply where the wires are too short.
  • Optimized for measuring the output of a solar panel in photovoltaic installations.
  • DC current measurements permit electrical testing and servicing of cars, electric forklifts, small electric cars or trolleysfor cleaning, DC motor adjustable speed controllers, golf cars and trolleys, small electric cars and chairlifts forthe disabled, work platforms, UPS's, electric scooters and bikes, etc.
  • Accurate True RMS readings of AC current and voltage also in presence of harmonics created by PC's, Inverter,Electronic Ballast for florescent lamps, UPS's, etc. (only 2012R)