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LAUDA Proline Thermostats

Product Announcement from LAUDA DR. R. WOBSER GMBH & CO. KG

LAUDA Proline Thermostats-Image

LAUDA Proline thermostats are the technical superlative for high-performance, reliable thermostating tasks. With an extreme temperature range of -90 to 300 °C, they fulfil the most demanding requirements for tough use in industrial materials testing, research, technology and quality control.

The choice is yours: Master or Command

With the LAUDA Proline range, you can choose the degree of user-friendliness you need. Both versions offer the complete scope and all safety functions. Whereas the Master version does not go for the comprehensive programming comfort, the Command version offers state-of-the-art display and operation technology. The utlimate highlight: the most modern LiBus technology allows you to up-grade from the Master version to the Command version easily, at any time. Both controllers can be easily programmed from the PC by means of the LAUDA Wintherm Plus software.

LAUDA Proline Master: For professional standard applications

The Proline Master devices are designed for all applications from -90 up to 300 °C with high thermostating accuracy and reliability whose parameters are not modified so frequently. They have all the basic and safety functions required for professional thermostating during continuous use. A modular structure and bus technology enable the individual extension of the range of functions and performance.

Up-gradable: a safe investment in the future

Should your tasks occasionally require a more extensive functionality or should you simply require more comfort - no problem. The LAUDA Proline grows in line with your requirements. Simply connect the console of the Command control head. The thermostat recognises and controls all newly-installed components automatically.

All LAUDA Proline heating thermostats have a high heater power of 3.5 kW, and offer a temperature range up to 300 °C. Along with this, a ventilator in the Master control head protects the electronics from overheating. They also have the high-power Varioflex pump, and the EasyUse operation in common. The LAUDA heating thermostats are differentiated in their bath size and depth. Contrary to all other thermostats, the P 12 and P 12 C types have a Varioflex pump as a pure pressure pump in a more powerful version.

LAUDA clear-view and bridge thermostats are available in various bath sizes and for various bath depths, as Master or Command version. All clear-view and bridge thermostats are fitted with a Varioflex pump. The bigger cooling coils, fitted as standard for the clear-view thermostats, are especially designed according to the bath sizes to offer more effective cooling performance for large baths. An easily accessible drain tap on the side of the thermostats and carrying handles simplify the mobility of the clear-view thermostats.

All cooling thermostats of the LAUDA Proline range are equipped with the SmartCool system. The thermostats are equipped for various temperature ranges and filling volumes. Thanks to its interchangeable interface modules, the Proline adapts to meet your requirements.

The SmartCool system - the energy-saving, digital cooling management system - ensures that every temperature is run with the correct cooling capacity. It increases or reduces the cooling according to each required operating state. The advantages are particularly effective for programmer operation and temperature change-overs.

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