Secondary circuit systems KP

Product Announcement from LAUDA DR. R. WOBSER GMBH & CO. KG

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Secondary circuit systems KP (Kryopac) - The single fluid systems from -150 up to 280 °C

LAUDA Heating and cooling systems from the line of secondary circuit systems in the KP (Kryopac) model series always consist of the modules, circulating pump, expansion tank electric heater and the special Kryopac system - a heat exchanger which has been developed for evaporating liquid nitrogen. This system enables low temperature reactions to be safely controlled. The heat technology originates from the well-proven modules of the heat transfer systems. The Kryopac units produce a thermostatically controlled liquid flow and are supplied as a compact, fully insulated system with a control cabinet, ready for connection and completely pretested in the factory. Freezing problems in the heat exchangers are a thing of the past.

In order to achieve still higher levels of purity in modern production methods, reactions are run at very low temperatures. The range of modules from LAUDA includes the Kryopac for this application. Here the cooling power of evaporating nitrogen is exploited and transferred to a liquid heat transfer fluid. Kryopac systems are secondary circuit systems which are cooled with liquid nitrogen on the primary side. For these extreme cooling applications only special low temperature heat transfer fluids are used. LAUDA developed a special technique to solve the known freezing problems. A suitable intermediate medium transfers the cooling of the low temperature nitrogen (-196 °C) to the heat transfer fluid, controlled accurately to the degree.

For this innovative method LAUDA received the European Patent No. 1 030 135.