3DM-GX3® -45 Inertial Navigation System

Product Announcement from LORD MicroStrain Sensing Systems

3DM-GX3® -45 Inertial Navigation System-Image

The 3DM-GX3® -45 high-performance, miniature GPS-Aided Inertial Navigation System (GPS/INS) combines MEMS inertial sensors, a highly-sensitive embedded GPS receiver, and a complex Extended Kalman Filter to generate optimal position, velocity, and attitude (PVA) estimates. This combination of technologies creates better short-term GPS-out performance, sustained-G attitude performance, and provides higher rate PVA data than typical GPS and AHRS sensors. Raw GPS data, IMU data, and filtered INS data are time-aligned and available as user-defined packets (either by polling or continuous stream).

The 3DM-GX3® -45 offers a range of navigation-related output quantities, including estimated position, velocity, and attitude (PVA), position, velocity, and attitude uncertainties, bias-compensated angular rate, and linear acceleration. Fully-calibrated inertial measurements include acceleration, angular rate, magnetic field, deltaTheta and deltaVelocity vectors, Euler angles (pitch, roll, and heading), rotation matrix and quaternion. Unprocessed GPS data quantities include LLH position, NED velocity, ECEF position and velocity, DOP data, UTC time, GPS time, clock info, GPS fix, and SVI. All quantities are fully temperature compensated and are mathematically aligned to an orthogonal coordinate system. The angular rate quantities are further corrected for g-sensitivity and scale factor non-linearity to third order. The 3DM-GX3® -45 architecture has been carefully designed to substantially eliminate common sources of error such as hysteresis induced by temperature changes and sensitivity to supply voltage variations. Gyro drift is eliminated in AHRS mode by referencing magnetic North and Earth's gravity and compensating for gyro bias. On-board coning and sculling compensation allows for use of lower data output rates while maintaining performance of a fast internal sampling rate. The 3DM-GX3® -45 is initially sold as a starter kit consisting of an INS module, RS-232 or USB communication and power cable, software CD, user manual, and quick start guide.

Features and Benefits

Best in Class

  • precise position, velocity and attitude estimations
  • high-speed sample rate & flexible data outputs
  • high performance under vibration and high-g

Easiest to Use

  • smallest, lightest industrial GPS/INS available
  • simple integration supported by SDK and comprehensive API

Cost Effective

  • reduced cost and rapid time to market for customer's applications
  • aggressive volume discount schedule