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Flexible, Oil Resistant Tray & Machine Tool Cable-Image

Oil Resistant Flexible Control Cables

Flexible & Oil Resistant Tray and Machine Cable
UL MTW & UL/CSA TC Approval with Exposed Run for Industrial Applications

ÖLFLEX® CONTROL TM is a multi-conductor cable designed for use on machine tool equipment and other industrial machinery conforming to NFPA 79 2007 wiring norms. It passes UL Oil Res. I & II and has good cold temperature performance metting UL -25ºC cold impact. ÖLFLEX® CONTROL TM is also UL/CSA TC approved so it can be routed in tray as well.

Recommended Applications: Machine tool machinery, Food & beverage, Processing equipment, Machine wiring for conformance to NFPA 79 2007

Application Advantages:

  • Industrial grade PVC jacket (Oil Res I & II)
  • Conforms to NFPA 79 2007 standards for wiring machinery (UL MTW)
  • Gray jacket and number coded for easy connection
  • UL TC-ER approval so it can be installed off the machine and into an overhead tray
  • Flexible copper stranding and pressure extruded jacket for easy installation
  • Improved cold temperature flexibility and abrason resistance

Click here for additional information including product specs on the Lapp USA website.

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