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Lapp Group has revolutionized the multi-cable bushing system market with its introduction of the SKINTOP® CUBE. The simple and highly effective design consists of a frame (SKINTOP® FRAME) and flexible clip sealing modules (SKINTOP® CUBE MODULES) for larger and more effective clamping than existing competitor designs.

The sturdy, glass-fiber-reinforced polyamide frames are available for standard 16 or 24 pole connector openings, allowing 8 to 10 cables to be mounted in a clearly-arranged manner when space is at an absolute minimum. The SKINTOP® CUBE offers a number of key advantages including its extra wide variable clamping range. The patented flexible clip modules are available in four sizes: 4 to 6 mm, 6 to 9 mm, 9 to 12 mm and 12 to 16 mm. These large variable clamping ranges provide reduced storage requirements as fewer parts are needed.

Installation of the SKINTOP® CUBE could not be easier. Simply fit the sealing module onto the cable, clip it into the frame and installation is complete! The cable is perfectly fixed, secured against vibrations, strain relieved and sealed in accordance with IP 64. This simple installation process works for future insertion of cables with assembled connectors to quickly, securely and clearly arrange cables into a switch cabinet. And it's all possible without the need for special tools, sealants or lubricants.

Unlike other competitor multi-cable bushing systems, the SKINTOP® CUBE frame can remain on the housing during maintenance for much faster and easier service. The securely fixed clip modules can also be integrated into cable assembly planning providing tremendous time and money savings. Best of all, SKINTOP® CUBE is resistant to oil, grease, ultraviolet rays and ozone making it suitable for a large range of applications.

For more information, contact Lapp USA, 29 Hanover Road, Florham Park, NJ 07932; call toll free 800-774-3539; or visit

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