Custom Elastomers and Rubber Materials

Product Announcement from Lauren Manufacturing Co.

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Lauren Manufacturing Co. manufactures custom elastomers and rubber materials to match your specifications.

Lauren Manufacturing is a full service extruder and molder of organic, silicone and specialty polymer products.

With more than forty years of polymer seal and gasket experience, Lauren Mfg is well qualified as your single, integrated source for high-tech molded and extruded polymer solutions and coatings. Multiple industries have come to count on Lauren Mfg for the highest-quality standards in molded parts, as well as custom and standard extrusions.


Lauren Mfg has provided innovative solutions and high-quality products for a wide variety of markets for the past forty years. As a custom extrusion company, Lauren Mfg specializes in closed-cell sponge and dense polymer products. The majority of our extruded seals, gaskets and weather stripping are laminated with a pressure sensitive adhesive system, a technology we helped pioneer.

Lauren Mfg has taken its decades of extruded polymer seal and gasket experience and put it to work to provide quality, custom-molded products. We can deliver a complete line of injection and transfer molded parts, dense rubber, insert-molded and rubber-to-metal bonded products to meet your material and specification needs.


The company serves more than 1,000 active customers in a variety of markets. Almost 45 percent of these are transportation related, with Lauren parts used in cars, trucks, recreational vehicles, construction and agricultural equipment. Other large markets utilizing Lauren parts include the appliance, construction, computer and electronics industries.

Commitment to Customers

Lauren Mfg is not just another rubber company; we believe in the power of innovation, and are committed to the exploration of new materials and manufacturing techniques that help us exceed the needs and expectations of our customers. We believe exceptional customer service is the true difference between standard and standout. Lauren Mfg's global partnerships keep the company competitive in today's market and at the forefront of international trends, products and processes. With Lauren Mfg you can depend on a domestic supplier to bring you services and pricing that is competitive on an international scale.

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