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REBOX® oxyfuel solutions in steel reheating

Product Announcement from Linde North America, Inc.

REBOX® oxyfuel solutions in steel reheating-Image

Striking the right balance between profitability and competitiveness is no easy task for steel manufacturers. It calls for vigilant control over fuel consumption, resource management, efficiency, productivity and quality. Linde's REBOX team can help you meet these challenges through innovative industrial gas applications.

Full value chain

We offer dedicated applications for all steps in the steel mill process chain, extending from ironmaking and steelmaking through metalworking to heat treatment. Regardless of whether your production is based on ore or scrap, our solutions deliver proven efficiency gains.

Metalworking (rolling and forging) Oxyfuel technologies under our REBOX® brand can increase your throughput, cut energy costs and reduce emissions in your reheat furnaces.

Using REBOX® oxyfuel combustion substantially increases the thermal efficiency of a furnace. The main reasons for this is that the radiant heat transfer properties of the furnace gases produced by oxyfuel combustion are significantly better than those of air-fuel. Also, due to the absence of nitrogen in the combustion mixture, the volume of exhaust gases is reduced substantially, thus the total heat losses via the exhaust gases are also reduced.

In more than 110 fully converted reheating and annealing furnaces, Linde's REBOX® oxyfuel solutions provide more throughput and flexibility at lower total costs.

  • Up to 50% more furnace throughput capacity
  • Up to 50-60% specific fuel savings
  • More uniform heating and reduced scale formation
  • Reduced emissions of such as CO2 and NOX

    Linde's broad REBOX® technology and application experience combined with long and detailed customer process experience results in fast and safe project implementation for your project. Linde's REBOX technology is turnkey and comes with guaranteed performance.
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