Product Announcement from Linear Integrated Systems, Inc.

JFETS-Second Source Replacements for Siliconix-Image

Linear Integrated Systems Provides Second Source Replacements for Current & Discontinued Siliconix/Vishay JFET Products

Monolithic Dual JFETS:

· SST/U401-406 Series

· SST/U440-441 Series

· SST/2N3958 Series

· SST/2N5911-5912 Series

· SST/2N5196-5199 Series

· SST/2N5545-5547 Series

· SST/2N5564-5566 Series

· U421-423 Series

· U430-431 Series

Current Regulating Diodes:

· J500-J511 Series

· SST502-SST511 Series

Pico Amp Low Leakage Diodes-Singles:

· JPAD5-50 Series

· PAD1-50 Series

· SSTPAD5-100 Series

Pico Amp Low Leakage Diodes-Duals:

· DPAD1-50 Series

· SSTDPAD5-100 Series


· Die, Surface Mount, Thru Hole Versions

· Lead-Free/ROHS Compliant Versions

· Special Selections Available

· Spice Models-Dual JFETS

· Instant Availability from Factory

Contact the Factory Today for Quotations and Samples


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