LM Du Pelton Wheel Flowmeter

Product Announcement from Litre Meter Limited

LM Du Pelton Wheel Flowmeter-Image

Pelton Wheel flowmeter with high pressure Duplex stainless steel body, providing a pulse output.

Flow range

0.004 to 0.06 l/min up to 0.1 to 28 l/min and 33 l/min


Any non abrasive, chemical compatible low viscosity liquid.


  • ±2% reading - linearity.
  • ±0.25% repeatability.
  • 003 & 005 require linearisation.

Pressure/ Temperature

Pressures to 690 bar & higher, temperature from -50 to +135°C.


Connections to customers specification - typically NPT/Grayloc®/Destec/Galperti/Autoclave/Butech. IP68. IS option.

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