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Lumex offers enhanced performance from its extensive family of Light Pipes. These devices, which carry light from board-mounted surface-mount or through-hole LEDs to front panels, displays switches, or virtually any desired location, can benefit from Lumex advanced design ray-trace software.

Lumex's advanced design ray-trace software ensures the lowest possible light loss and the most consistent performance. In addition, the use of this software modeling for Light Pipes significantly reduces design time and expense, allowing designers to get their product to market as quickly as possible.

Lumex's family of Light Pipes offers engineers additoinal packaging options and design freedom, by allowing the LED(s) to be mounted according to the dictates of the circuit board layout, while the light itself can appear in the location, size, and/or shape that best suits the ergonomic design of the product. Lumex's Light Pipes can be used in a variety of applications such as front panel indicators, status or level indicators, and switch illumination.

Through Lumex's technically advanced 3D ray-trace software, Lumex can offer design engineers Light Pipes with lower design and tooling costs, and with poven optical performance. This powerful simulation software maximizes the intensity and uniformity of the transported light, while minimilizing the amount of unwanted light loss. Controlling light loss is essential for providing a clear, accurate visual indication where bends and angles are used.

Since the trial-and-error development of the Light Pipes is performed through software development, engineering time is minimized and up-front costs are significantly reduced. The quality and cost-effectiveness of the product is further ensured by the considerable expertise of Lumex's Technical Design Team.

Lumex family of Light Pipes encompasses a wide range of device styles within four general packaging categories: Light Bars, Vertical Arrays, Light Transporters and Right Angle. Light Bars conduct and spread light from LEDs to provide a uniformly-lit square or rectangular area. Vertical Arrays transport light vertically up (or down), directly on the axis of the LEDs, or parallel to it. These arrays are available with any number of individual pipes, depending on the application. Light Transporters carry light away from a single LED to a front panel or viewing location that is up to 25 meters (80 feet) away. Right Angle Light Pipes allow light to turn corners to get to front panels, or to provide fault indication. These devices contain from one to several individual pipes and many can be stacked to create almost any configuration.

Lumex Light Pipes are available in low minimum quantities, and their special design allows many of the variants to be produced using existing tooling.

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