Carbon-Carbon Composites...superior performance

Product Announcement from MINTEQ® International Inc, Pyrogenics Group

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Carbon-Carbon Composites

Carbon-Carbon composites are various forms that are reinforced by chemical vapor infiltration (CVI) or resin impregnation, using high temperature vacuum furnaces. The materials are highly resistant to heat, wear and fracture. Unlike superalloys and ceramics, they are light weight and retain their strength at high temperatures, have low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), high thermal conductivity (TC) and resist thermal shock.

The Pyrogenics Group has developed a unique silicon carbide coating process that combines the strength of carbon composite material with a very high friction and hardness coating of silicon carbide.

This results in superior friction performance and characteristics over a wide operating range for both wet and dry applications. Originally designed for demanding aircraft brakes, the material is now available for other applications.

The Pyrogenics Group friction material offers:

• Lightweight and high strength carbon composite base material • Low coefficient of thermal expansion • High thermal conduction and capable of temperatures > 1500 ºC • Long lasting performance with minimal wear • High friction coefficients with material strength tailored to the application • Consistent friction characteristics throughout operation range even after hundreds of operating hours• Smooth friction response at lower activating pressures • Resistance to corrosion, oxidation, and erosion

Ideal for:

• Couplings • Clutches • Hoists • Winches • Brakes • Transmissions • Mechanical drives • Torque transmitters/limiters

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