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Misumi linear guides are ruggedly constructed and can be configured precisely to a variety of specifications, including length, height, load rating, and tapped hole machining.

Competitive Lead Times

       6 Days (or less) for most linear guides.

       Most linear guides have an Express A option that brings Lead Time down to 4 Days.

       11 Days for linear guides with Low Temperature Black Chrome Plating

Basic Linear Guide Types

       Two Basic Types

       Miniature Linear Guides

       Two rows of contacting steel balls in a 4-point raceway contact design

       Linear Guides (Medium and Heavy)

       Four rows of contacting steel balls in a 2-point raceway contact design

Basic Linear Guide Styles

       Two Basic Styles


       The block and the rail can be sold separately (usually clearance fit between block and rail).


       The block and the rail are sold as a matched set (usually slight interference fit between block and rail).

MISUMI’s Linear Guide product line-up includes:

  • Interchangeable types in which the block and rail are sold separately and non-interchangeable types in which the block and rail are sold as a matched set.
  • Miniature Guides in a variety of styles designed for lighter loads.  These have two rows of contacting steel balls in a 4-point raceway contact design.
  • Medium and Heavy Load styles designed for heavier loads, including Ultra- and Extra Super Heavy loads. These have four rows of contacting steel balls in a 2-point raceway contact design. 
  • Low Temperature Black Chrome Plated types, featuring a 5 µm fluoropolymer layer chemically deposited as a black film on rails and blocks.  This protective coating results in a durable finish that resists corrosion and is immune to cracking and flaking, even under repeated bending.
  • A wide range of standard and customized design options, including short blocks, long blocks, wide blocks, blocks with dowel holes, and dust-resistant versions for use where dust and machining chips pose a hazard to smooth operation.
  • Accessories, such as clamp, bolt and plate stoppers, height adjusting blocks, locking units and cross roller tables.

The Linear Guides utilize steel balls rolling on precisely ground raceways, with the balls being recirculated by plastic return caps.  In selecting linear guides, design engineers must consider various specifications, such as allowable load and clearance requirements.

MISUMI Linear Guide Product Spotlight

Double-Sealed and Metal Scraper type linear guides are ideal for use in areas where there is excessive dust, machining chips or hot welding spatter.

These guides are ruggedly constructed of carbon steel and can be configured precisely to a variety of specifications, including length, height, load rating, and tapped hole machining.

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In addition to the new dust-proof medium and heavy load versions, MISUMI offers a comprehensive line of standard and advanced Linear Guides in a multitude of sizes and configurations. These include wide and long blocks, preload, interchangeable and small clearance types.

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MISUMI helps engineers take the guess work out of design with most products offering standard manufacturing times of 6 days or less and a 99.97% on-time delivery rating on all its products. In addition, MISUMI offers a helpful web site that allows engineers to download native CAD files as well as place orders for its entire product offering.

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