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Ship in 11 Days: Clean Room SINGLE-AXIS ACTUATORS

Product Announcement from MISUMI USA

Ship in 11 Days: Clean Room SINGLE-AXIS ACTUATORS-Image

MISUMI offers industry leading Clean Room Rated Actuators perfect for high precision applications at competitive pricing, PLUS they Ship in 11 Days...

The Right Choice:

Our Single Axis Actuators are a High Precision solution with a Space-Saving Compact Design. With positioning repeatability of 3 microns, a 6 day ship time, available Clean Room Versions ship in 11 days and at a price that averages 40% less than the competition, Misumi's actuator's are the right choice for your application. Fully assembled with options on Motor Mounts, it is the plug and play solution for your design.

MISUMI Clean Room LX Actuators

  • 11 Days to Ship
  • Clean Room Class 100 with Low Particulate Generation Grease
  • High Accuracy - 3 Microns of Repeatability
  • Compact - low profile unit to save design space
  • Excellent Cost for Increased Performance, starting at $485

Quick Links:

For more information about MISUMI's LX Series Clean Room Actuators, Click Here.

MISUMI Clean Room RS Actuators

  • 11 Days to Ship
  • Clean Room Class 10 with vacuum ports
  • PRECISION - 20 Microns of Repeatability
  • Full Control Package, ready to use out of box.
  • Incredible value for entire package (actuator, motor, controls and cables) starting under $620

For more information about MISUMI's RS Series Clean Room Actuators, Click here.


Misumi announces the availability of new features for its popular line of single-axis actuators. New features include ballscrew lead options and LG2 low dust raise grease on all LX models.

The LX20 and LX26 single-axis actuators are now available with a 5mm pitch. This larger pitch will allow for faster travel. For example, previously at 3000RPM the LX20 would travel at 50mm/s now with a 5mm pitch the rate of travel is 250mm/s, an increase of 400%. A new low dust raise grease (LG2) option is now available for all LX Actuators. The LG2 grease significantly reduces particle generation compared to normal grease.

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