Broadband Single Sideband Upconverter

Product Announcement from MITEQ, Inc.

Broadband Single Sideband Upconverter-Image

MITEQ's Model SME0618LC4E, broadband single sideband upconverter design has an ultra-wide IF bandwidth. This single sideband upconverter is useful for upconverting and transmitting high data rate broad-bandwidth signals as well as wideband test equipment needs.

· IF Frequency: 10 - 1000 MHz

· RF Carrier Frequency: 6-18 GHz

· Conversion Loss: 15 dB

· Carrier Input Power: 5 dBm

· IF Modulation Input Level: 13 dBm

· Carrier Suppression Rejection: 25 dB

· RF CarrierVSWR: 1.5:1

· RF Output VSWR: 2.5:1

· IF VSWR: 1.8:1

Applications: Radar and Test Equipment

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