Product Announcement from MITEQ, Inc.

Low Noise with 1 Watt Input Protection Amplifier-Image

6 to 18 GHz Low Noise with 1 Watt Input Protection Amplifier

MITEQ’s latest offering in its low-noise amplifier series, low noise figure with 1 watt CW protection. Model JS3-06001800-20-10P-L is now available with a frequency range of 6 to 18 GHz. The fixed gain model offers a minimum of 23 dB gain with a maximum noise figure of 2 dB with a built-in 1 watt CW limiter at the input. This unit has a P1dB compression point of +10 dBm and uses +15V with 150 mA typical current. In addition, various connector types are also available. Model JS3-06001800-20-10P-L has an optional DC block and temperature compensation and is also available as a RoHS compliant unit. For additional information, please contact Sales at (631) 439-9220.

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