WS Ka-Band Block Converter - Commercial/Military

Product Announcement from MITEQ, Inc.

WS Ka-Band Block Converter - Commercial/Military-Image

MITEQ's WS Series Ka-band Block Upconverters and Block Downconverters cover the entire commercial and military Ka-bands with over 30 models and offering L-band IF frequency bandwidths from 250 MHz to 1.5 GHz.

The WS block converters are antenna mount, weatherproof meeting IP65, IEC60529 environmental tests. The units offer superior RF phase noise surpassing MIL-STD-188-164 A and B, and IESS308/309, and excellent spurious free dynamic range. Gain of 33 dB for the upconverters models and 38 dB for the downconverters is adjustable in 0.2 dB steps over a 30 dB range.

The WS series converters are available on MITEQ's website or by contacting our SATCOM Sales Division at +1-631-439-9108.

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