Waveguide Ku-Band Low Noise Amplifier

Product Announcement from MITEQ, Inc.

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MITEQ Inc's family of high-performance waveguide LNAs.

The AMFW-4F-12401800-25-18P-WR62F is a very low noise, high dynamic range weatherproof Ku-band waveguide front end, operating 12.4 GHz to 18 GHz. Includes a pressure sealed WR62 waveguide input and SMA (F) connector output. The low-noise amplifier is lightweight with a small profile and footprint, the aluminum alloy housing is sealed against most severe environmental conditions. It includes reverse voltage, over current and over temperature protection in addition to full internal regulation. Total weight is approximately 270 grams, and dimensions are 2.1” x 1.31” x 1.31”.

Model AMFW-4F-12401800-25-18P-WR62 has a typical noise temperature of 215K, with a maximum of 225K (2.5 dB), and it is capable of a minimum 18 dBm of P1dB across the full band, with an available option of 20 dBm. Noise temperature will typically change with base temperature of the LNA at a rate of 0.28 K/°C. Output IP3 is 28 dBm minimum. Input VSWR is a maximum of 1.5:1 and output port VSWR is a maximum of 2:1. Small-signal gain is 50 dB typical and flatness is 2.0 dB peak-to-peak with a maximum gain ripple of 0.4 dB/40 MHz within the whole band. Gain variation with temperature is less than 0.08 dB/°C. Gain is stable to less than 0.4 dB/Month. Total group delay is constant to less than 1 nsec over the full band. Current draw is nominally 400 mA from a single +12V to 24V supply. Other voltage ranges and alarm options are available. Operating temperature is -40 to +60°C case.

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