BC-5012 Series” – Solar + PoE Battery Charger

Product Announcement from MITS Component & System Corp.

BC-5012 Series” – Solar + PoE Battery Charger-Image

The POE solar battery charger could work as a POE device and also a battery charger which gain the power from solar panel which has binary source of power. Works well in today's advanced technology with green power concept of environment which saves energy and prevent contamination in today's atmosphere.


  • Input Source types and Voltage
    • 1. Solar Panel: 18V~36V max
    • 2. POE: 18V~57V
    • 3. Battery: 12Vdc
  • Output Voltage & Current
    • 1. Output at rear term:12V/1.5A
    • 2. Output at RJ45 upper
    • 12V/1.0A; 18V/2A; 24V/2A; 48V/0.5A; 56V/0.32A
  • Battery Charge Types
    • 1. Solar Panel O/P Charge current: Charge current depends on the wattage of the solar panel, 8A(MAX) @18Vin
    • 2. PoE O/P Charge: Fixed Current: 2.6A max@18V~57Vin
  • Battery Types: 12V Lead Acid Battery
  • POE Input Requirement: 35W~50W