Why Roll Form?

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Roll forming is a continuous metal forming process that transforms sheet, strip or coiled metal into shapes with a consistent cross section. The stock is fed through successive pairs of rolls, which progressively shape the metal until the desired cross section is produced. Only progressive forming, or bending, takes place. The metal thickness is not changed except for a slight thinning at the bend radii.

What are the benefits of Roll Forming?

Roll Forming offers an efficient and economical metal working process to form sheet or coil stock.

  • Roll forming is performed as a cold forming process.

  • Slots, holes, miters and embossing can sometimes be included to eliminate costly, extra secondary operations.

  • Consistent shapes are made in uniform cross sections.

  • Finished parts may be produced in one operation in some cases..

  • Economical unit costs are likely.

  • It is possible to combine 2 materials in a single process, such as incorporating vinyl weather stripping into a metal carrier.

  • It may be an ideal process for adding caulking beads, adjusting symmetrical widths, or combining shapes.