Digital Audio Transformers

Product Announcement from MPS Industries

Digital Audio Transformers-Image

MPS Industries announces that it has developed a series of miniature digital audio transformers to comply with the Audio Engineering Society/European Broadcasting Union (AES/EBU) standards.

The new transformers are available in both thru-hole and surface mount versions, and all are RoHS compliant. Our standard digital audio transformers have turns ratio 1:1 with Faraday shielding. The sample data rate from 32KHz to 192KHz is good for both 75W to 110W connections.

The Faraday shielding and special construction/design allows our transformers to significantly improve the common mode rejection ratio by almost 30dB, while still keeping high definition on the data quality, lowest jitter rate, and wide bandwidth (>100MHz).

Our digital audio transforms can be custom designed into various configurations upon customer request. You are welcome to visit our webpage for standard items or contact our design engineers directly for custom requirements.

Digital audio transformer technical specifications and ordering information is available at

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